Maple Morris

Maple Morris (Canada/US) and Morris Offspring (UK) collaborated on a unique theatrical Morris dance production Rootbound on July 15 at the Somerville Arts at the Armory Performance Hall in Boston, and July 19th at The Berkeley Church in Toronto. A blend of vigorous dancing, musical exploration, vibrant costumes, and creative storytelling, Rootbound told the story of a dancer's journey in the North American Morris dance community.

Maple, Offspring, and our exciting collaborating artists were thrilled to present this once in a lifetime, family-friendly event.

Maple Morris and Morris Offspring thank everyone who made Rootbound such an amazing experience for us, and helped support the show. A statement from our Artistic Director is here, and if you'd still like to help us offset the costs of the show, you can do so through our donation page or by buying a t-shirt.

Online poster sales will be available very shortly, and watch for the DVD of the Toronto performance coming soon!