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The Great Morris Exchange: UK 2011 / Canada-US 2013

Rootbound is being made available on the internet!

After seven years, Maple had a group re-watch of Rootbound and decided to permanently make it available to all on the internet. Just visit our YouTube channel to view it. Note that the lyrics to the Child Song are ©2013 Susan Cooper. The show has been paid for and we are no longer asking for donations ourselves. We suggest that, in exchange for watching, you donate to one of the following organizations, or a music, dance, or education organization or performer if you are able.

Afghan Children’s Songbook
Black Banjo Reclamation Project
Decolonizing the Music Room
Hands Across the Sea
Community Justice Exchange

About the Project

In 2011, Maple Morris took on its most ambitious project yet, in collaboration with England's foremost Morris innovators, Morris Offspring.

Through a week of workshops and rehearsals, Maple Morris and Morris Offspring produced Must Come Down, a stage performance showcasing Morris dancing at its most inventive, joined by musicians Becky Price, Jackie Oates, Gavin Davenport,and Matthew Keegan-Phipps and storyteller Debs Newbold. A poster for the show is available on the media page.

A return leg of the collaboration in 2013 saw Maple Morris joined by Morris Offspring for two weeks of workshops and performances of Rootbound, a brand new stage production in Boston and Toronto. We worked with some exciting musicians such as Ian Robb of Finest Kind, Emily Troll and Amelia Mason of Anadama, and Eric MacDonald. Writing collaborator Susan Cooper contributed. DVDs of the performance are also available.

Thanks from Maple Morris!

(photo on this page by Melanie Hyams)

Funded in part by the Country Dance and Song SocietyThis event is supported in part by the Outreach Fund of the Country Dance and Song Society.