Maple Morris
Maple Morris

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dancing pictureMaple Morris is a unique Morris dance event for younger dancers, with members from various corners of Canada, the US, and the UK. We are a community of young Morris dancers born mostly during and after the 1970s North American Morris revival, and are committed to promoting creativity, leadership, and continued excellence in this second generation of Morris music and dance.

Morris dancing is a surviving English traditional folk dance that has been performed since the 1400s and has been associated with seasonal and harvest rituals. The dance is vigorous and athletic and the high leaps are accented by the use of white handkerchiefs and bells strapped to the legs.

The Maple Morris weekend has several goals; to build and strengthen a network of young Morris dancers, to share knowledge and experience among those dancers, and to provide an opportunity for each participant to take a leadership role not only in teaching dances and traditions to the group, but also in collaborating on new choreography and dance aesthetics.

Each Maple Morris event has both a workshop aspect, in which each participant is encouraged to take the lead in teaching dances to the group and collaborating on new dances, and a performance aspect, in which we go on tour to perform these dances for the public.

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Funded in part by the Country Dance and Song SocietyThis event is supported in part by the Outreach Fund of the Country Dance and Song Society.

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