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Rootbound DVD Extras!

When we put together our Rootbound DVD, we found that there were a few things we wanted to share as extras, but didn't have disc space for. So we decided to share them with you for free here!

"Rootbound" Training Videos

With Erika and Amelia! Watch as they get in shape for Rootbound!

Watch the video here.

Interview Outtakes

With Stefan and Justin. Sometimes filming doesn't always go as planned.

Watch the video here.

The Trailer

If Rootbound were Mad Max or something.

The Child Song

Written for Rootbound. ©2013 Susan Cooper.

We’ve been dancing down the ages, the old world to the new,
And year by year and day by day the dance brings us to you;
For it binds us all together, and it shows us all the way
To celebrate the life we love and drive the dark away.
And the fool will teach the wise man the things he does not know,
And the child shall watch and the child shall learn the way that she must go.

And the fool will teach the wise man the things he does not know,
And the child shall watch and the child shall learn the way that she must go,
To dance and sing as the days pass, through happiness and pain,
For the sweetest song is the dance of life that will not come again.
So hear the words that the fool sang, as a gift the child may use:
Now is the time to learn to dance the steps of the life you choose.

The roots go deep where the tree stands, and they bind it to the ground
To hold it safe in ice and snow until the year turns round,
But new green leaves come bounding up and springtime sets them free,
So year by year it’s their rebirth brings new life to the tree.
We are dancing down the ages, to greet tomorrow’s day,
And the fool has taught the wise man a child will show the way.

And the dance of life goes on and on, and a child will show the way.

The Misfit

Lyrics to The Misfit (PDF) ©2008 Ian Robb.


Download a copy of the original show program (PDF) featuring an essay by Susan Cooper and more information about the show.

Note from the AD

Justin's note about the show.

"Rootbound" promotional poster

Rootbound promo posterDownload a print-quality file of the initial "Rootbound" promo poster by Justin Morrison (TIF | JPG | PDF). Official posters by Peter Klosky are available for purchase.

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